Sunday, April 24, 2011

On Meeting Famous Peeps... kinda

I am sorry blog world. Planning and wedding had taken over my life... but excuses are lame so let's go!

I had an exciting week...

Story #1:
Last week I was having one of those tired days. You know, the type of day where I needed a quick office nap. My office nap just didn't cut it so I had to try a reliable plan B: Starbucks.

Luckily my work is about a 5 second drive from Starbucks so I left work for an inconspicuous trip to the bucks of star. After ordering my tall skinny vanilla late I stood by the counter waiting for my drink listening to the bluesy music when it happened. Tony Hawk entered the store. I have this thing for seeing famous people and I just love being starstruck. I tried not to stare at him because I am sure he gets that all the time, plus he was with his toddler daughter so didn't want to be a creepy stalker. Obviously.

After he ordered his drink and stood next to me waiting things got a bit awkward. It was just he and I and one other dude in the whole bucks and I didn't know what to do with myself. What does one do standing next to a famous guy? Should I say "Hi Tony?" or "Hi. I am a huge fan." or "Hi. I love Starbucks too!" No that one was lame. I mean, he knows that I know who he is and of course saw me look over at him multiple time. I decided to say nothing and just stood there in the presence of coolness while I considered what kind of tweet I would compose when I got back to the office about this moment. Then....

"1 tall skinny vanilla late"

I said "Yep!" grabbed my latte and made eye contact with the Hawk. I made a game time decision and said "Hi there!" and made an air cheers with my latte (it seemed cooler in my head than what it looked like when I actually did it. Dammit)

Tony smiled big and said, "Enjoy!"

I am basically a celeb.

Story #2:
Nick's aunt was visiting last weekend from Virginia. She stayed with a friend of hers about an hour east of us during the week and then we planned on having dinner at her friend's house after work on Friday and then driving her to our apartment where she would stay with us for the weekend.

We didn't know exactly what to expect because we were driving to some random family's house to eat dinner with strangers. However, were welcomed with open arms and tons of food. The people his aunt was staying with knew Nick's dad from back when his dad was growing up. Nick looks almost identical to his dad... and his grandfather... (basically there is no chance what my future son will look a thing like me). They said multiple times throughout the night, "My GOODNESS you look like Maury." ANYWAYS...

While we were waiting for dinner to finish cooking the mom of the house we were visiting said "My son's friend is coming over for dinner and he is in Glee!" Ummm what? I didn't even know these people and I instantly jumped into my typical Jenna celeb obsessed questions.

"Who is he in Glee? What episodes is he in? What's his name? Does he live in LA? Is that girl Rachel a huge annoying biotchhh in real life or just on the show?"

She told me his name and that he would be over in a minute. I instantly forgot his name because I was too focused on the quasi celeb who I was about to eat dinner with. Then entered Mr. Glee. Me and Nick's aunt resulted in calling him Mr. Glee for most of the night (not to his face. Duh) because forgot his name and were too embarrassed to ask him in case he thought we just wanted to go home and Google him. (Which we kinda did).

Anyways... Mr. Glee ended up being the nicest kid on earth. He has a supporting role as a Dalton Academy Warblers. We were even lucky enough to get a keyboard concert by their fire pit in their backyard (So Californian). He covered Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber... sighhhh celebrities.

Highlight the text after the star to reveal which story is true * The true story is story number two. It is true that I met a cast member from Glee. I asked Mr. Glee about 138102938 questions about making it in LA and we are now Facebook friends. Pretty sweet. He was such a nice guy and we later found out that Mr. Glee's name is Taylor. If you want to see him in gleeful action then click HERE and jump to 1.46. Mr. Glee is in there for a second sitting on the right. FAME!

However, even though I didn't really "meet" Tony Hawk at Starbucks; it is true that I went to an event of his this past weekend and said something to him. Tony lives close to where I live and he put on an event this past weekend where he did a skating demo. I saw him and said "Thank you, Tony!" when he walked by me cause there was free food and the event was awesome. He looked back at me (his eyes are super blue) and he said "No problem!" Famous peeps have a sweet life.

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