Monday, April 25, 2011

On People Being Dum(b)

Ok let me just remind the universe that British people speak English too. It may be funky English, but it is indeed English. Also, believe it or not, the English language actually derived from England. I know... it's a wild concept.

That being said... this happened:

Story #1:
Today at lunch I was chatting with some work people and naturally, we were talking about the upcoming royal wedding. We talked about what kind of dress we thought Kate may wear. We talked about where we think they will honeymoon. We talked about what kind of feathery hat that the Queen display. We talked about if Prince Harry is still on the market (and if he was that I may seriously reconsider my engagement. TOTALLY JOKING. My fiance is a hunk). We talked about the ungodly hour that the royal wedding coverage will start in California. The coverage starts at 2:30am here in Cali. Are those Brits for real? We then talked about how we will all set our DVRs and also be very unproductive at work that day due to continual media coverage. Almost as unproductive as the balloon boy hoax day of work. During our royal wedding chatter this girl at our table said, "I wonder if they will translate the broadcast into English so we can understand their vows." SAY WHAT?

Story #2:
My friend's fiance is British and he moved here about 6 months ago. I have never had a British friend before, so poor Paul humors me by playing the "accent game". The way it works is I say something like "Justin Bieber drinks a glass of beer" in my attempt at a British accent. It sounds something like "Justin Biebaaaa drinks a glawssss of beaaa". Then Paul says it in an American accent. His sounds something like "Justin Bieberrrrrrrrrrrr drinks a glaaaass of beerrrrrrrrrrrr." Anyways, that was a side note. Paul went shopping for cars the other day and was taking a test drive. While on the test drive, the car salesman sitting in the passenger seat said, "Where are you from?" Paul says, "Liverpool, England." And the car salesman said, "How long have you lived here for?" Paul says, "About 6 months." And the car salesman goes, "Wow your English is really great for only living here for 6 months." SAY WHAT?

Highlight the text after the star to reveal which story is true * The true story is story number two. Poor Paul had to answer to an ignant guy who thought that the English gentleman in his car learned English in the past 6 months. Holy smokes. In other news... my DVR will be ready to go at 2:30am to see Kate walk down that aisle. I am all about the royal wedding.

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