Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On Sleeping at Work

Story #1:
Every so often, not too often, around 3:15pm I get unbelievably, almost catastrophically tired at work. I suddenly feel drugged and I can't keep my eyes open for another second. I then put my head down over my forearms on my desk for 5 minutes of eye rest. I read an article a few years ago that even as little as 5 minutes of rest on your eyes after staring into a computer all day can be extremely beneficial. I only take my rest for about 5 minutes. Never more.

My brain somehow know when 5 minutes is exactly near and I lift my head and feel like I just took a cozy two hour nap in my bed on my memory foam mattress under my heated blanket. Believe it or not, my boss has never walked in on this routine. Thank goodness. He typically comes by to say hi around 2:45 or so, and the coast is clear at 3:15.

The other day my boss came into my office around 3:30 or so after my "nap." He looked up from his piece of paper he was carrying and says "What's wrong with your head?" Now when anyone asks you what is wrong with your head, the insecurity instantly sets in. I answered, "Ummmm I don't know. What's wrong with it?" I reached up and felt a serious indent in my forehead. I knew what it was immediately. My hair tie that I wear around my wrist had left an imprint in my head. Great. I said, "Umm I have really bad dry skin. My forehead has really been itchy." I then continued to rub the imprint on my head to make it look redder. I didn't take my hand off of my head until he left. Luckily, I had remembered that my boss once told me that his glasses are not strong enough and he can't see things very clearly.

I think he bought my dry skin story and we both moved on with our days. Note to self: I hate my hair tie.

Story #2:
The other day I had to stop by my boss' office because I had a question about a document I was working on. His office is a few hallways away from mine so I don't venture down there too often. Also, I am incredibly lazy when it comes to walking far at work in my typically cute high heels.

I got to my boss' office and I knocked once on his open door to announce my arrival and I noticed that he was slouched in his chair in an unusual way. After another look, I noticed he was taking a snooze. I said "Oops!" purposely loud so he would hear me. No movement. I then I said my boss' name in a relatively normal talking voice. Maybe it was more of a whisper. He didn't answer. For a split second I thought he had had a heart attack but I took note that he was breathing just fine. I looked at the door, then back and him and I said his name one more time. When he didn't hear me, I just decided to walk back to my office to avoid the inevitably awkward moment when he wakes up. We have an inter office instant messaging system so I IMed him saying "I am having an issue with blah blah blah, can you please stop by my office whenever you get a minute?"

About 5 seconds later he showed up at my office door. He's alive! I gladly thought. He had his iphone with him and showed me a picture of his dog's new haircut. I asked him my question and he answered. We then both moved on with our days and I now feel like I have a free pass to take a snooze at work.

Highlight the text after the star to reveal which story is true * The true story is story number one. Although I very rarely get so tired where I need to take my 5 minute nap, there was one time where my hair tie decided to divulge my secret nap to my boss. He either thinks I sleep at work or I that I do not moisturize my face properly. Either way, luckily for the both of us, I have never caught him sleeping at work.

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