Monday, January 16, 2012

On Bringing Your Nasty Sickness to Work

Story #1
The other day I walked into the break room to clean my mug. A man walked in coughing like a mad man and starts walking towards me. He says "Don't come near me. I am sick." COUGH COUGH. I was thinking,ummm you're the one walking toward me. Back off with your nasty germs. He then continues to cough up a storm and tell me that his sister (who is a doctor) thinks it is pneumonia. He said, "It's SO BAD. COUGHHHHH. I have never been so sick before." I then grabbed some paper towels so that I could dry my mug on my way back to my office, I held my breath and ran out of the break room. I couldn't even give the obligatory "hope you feel better!" because I was so disgusted by his pneumonia germs that were now potentially infesting my LUNGS.

Story #2
I work in a company where the majority of the employees are men. 9.98 times out of 10 that I use the restroom I am alone.... which is lovely. However, I walked into the restroom the other day and heard a woman (apologizing ahead of time if anyone is reading this during dinner) vomiting in the stall next to me. I normally have a strict no chatting across stalls policy, but I felt required to help a fellow lady employee out in need. I reluctantly asked across the stall, "Are you ok over there?" A very sick lady answered back "Yeah, I am ok. I have had the flu for 2 days. I was in here throwing up all day yesterday too." At that point, my inner I am not sorry for you came out and I responded. "Good luck! Hope you feel better." I peaced out of there ASAP and hoped that there are enough women in my building so that the puker won't know which one of us didn't offer to get her a glass of water. Sorry fellow woman employee, if you have had the flu for 2 days then don't come infest the office with your germs.

Highlight the text after the star to reveal which story is true * The true story is Story #1. It is true that a guy who thought he had pneumonia thought nothing about coughing his nastyness all over me while saying "Don't come near me." And although it would make me mad that someone would come to work with the flu, I would hope that in the bathroom situation that I would help a sister out a little bit!