Sunday, October 16, 2011

On Saying Things I Don't Really MEAN

Story #1:
I flew to Kentucky the other weekend with my husband for his cousin's beautiful wedding. We were only there for the weekend so our sleep schedule got quite turned around with the early mornings, late nights, and time change. We had a 4 hour layover (yes, FOUR hours) in Denver on our way back to California. On the flight from Denver to Cali I was super exhausted but we got to talking to our seat neighbor (which goes way against my "no talking to people on air planes" policy...or most public places, really), but he was a really nice guy so we made an exception.

We finally landed in Cali around 11:00pm and as we walked off the plane our new friend was right behind me and in my head I was reminding myself that I need to say goodbye to him before we parted ways in the airport. As I was stepping off the plane, the flight attendant said bye to me and I said back, "Bye! It was so great meeting you and talking with you!" He said back, "Hah! Did we meet?!"

Oooopsie. My tired brain said my farewell to the wrong person.

Story #2:
I am working on a huge proposal at work right now and I have been spending more time than usual on my office phone. Sometimes they are conference calls with all of the team members, sometimes they are long calls with the head authors to figure out road blocks, and most commonly they are short quick calls with the proposal manager.

The quick calls typically go something like this:

Proposal Manager (PM): Hey
Me: Hey
PM: Did you upload that doc?
Me: Yeah. And emailed you that spreadsheet
PM: Cool, I just sent you that other email. Upload that one too.
Me: OK. Will do
PM: OK bye
PM: OK great BYE (always enthusiastic!)

I have also been working a lot more hours than usual to reach this proposal deadline. This means lots of late nights and a very exhausted me.

The other day instead of saying "OK great BYE," I said "OK, love you, BYE!" I hung up the phone and GASSSSSSSSPED before my office mate could even correct me. I called the PM back immediately and apologized and explained that that is how I get off the phone with my family, husband, and friends and I was tired and made a mistake. He laughed and made some stupid joke about me not loving him which embarrassed me further.

Note to self, don't tell people you love them if you don't really mean it. Telling people you don't love them is a lot more uncomfortable.

Highlight the text after the star to reveal which story is true * The true story is story number one. I accidentally told a flight attendant who I did not meet that it was great to meet him! Way less embarrassing telling that to a stranger than telling the proposal manager with whom I work every day that I love him.


  1. Ah. Glad it was the first one! Definitely had the second one happen to me though...waaaay more embarrassing accidentally saying i love you.

  2. Haha, I seriously thought it was the second one because I have done that so many times!