Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On yoga moments

Story #1
I am an avid yoga practicer. I have been attending heated yoga twice a week for about 2.5 years where the room is heated to about 95 degrees. My instructor periodically chooses me to demonstrate proper alignment for poses in front of the class. While this at times boosts my self confidence and makes me want to practice harder, it can get a bit awkward. Quickly. The other night my instructor asked me to demonstrate a modified version of Pigeon Pose (or... Eka Pada Rajakapotasana for any yogis who may be reading this post.) My instructor had the class of about 25 students watch me as she modified my alignment. While doing this, she said the following:

"Now everyone look how strong her pelvis is rooting. Seriously, look at her pelvis. It is so strong" (oh my goodness... is the whole class looking at my pelvis right now?) "Watch as she deepens her pelvis and roots into the earth." (um... this is mortifying) "Now look at her buttocks" (no, please don't) "Look how activated her seat bones are. They are so strong and so activated as she grasps the earth and roots her pelvis further. (seriously please stop talking about my private areas)

I swear the pose lasted for about 10 hours and I was sweating not only from the 95 degree room but because a room full of people just got a demonstration on my rooted pelvis and activated buttocks.

Story #2
There is a girl in my yoga class is does a very yoga moan. For every pose. I don't think she realizes she does it but whenever we get into a pose she lets out a deep, sexual sounding, and quite provocative "UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM." Now I enjoy yoga just as much as the next person, but not enough to let out such a moan in front of a class full of students. Yoga for me is always a test on my concentration. I try my hardest to focus within and to not let the other students impact my practice. But whenever the yoga moaner "UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMs" while I am trying to concentrate on my warrior II pose, I just can't help but to open my eyes and look around to see if anyone else is thrown off by the moan.

Sometimes I can anticipate the moan during practice. I have been going to class long enough where I can see the moan coming. The instructor will explain what we're about to do first in Sanskrit and then in English. When she says "Standing Forward Bend" (or Uttanasana.... I am trying to practice my pronunciation of the formal working too) I know we're doomed. With every standing forward bend the moans get louder.... and more provocative. I can't be the only one in class who gets distracted by this. However, I know I can't make the moans stop, so I have been trying my hardest to leave my distractions, shoes, and immature thoughts at the door before I begin practice. I just wish that others could leave their moaning at the door as well.

Highlight the text after the star to reveal which story is true *The true story is story number 2. The moaner exists in my life. But each practice I am getting a little less distracted...and mature.

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