Monday, February 21, 2011

On Valentine's Day Moments

Pre story:
Nick and I met in the late fall of 2004 during our freshman year of college. We celebrated our first Valentine's Day together in 2005... six years ago, holy smokes!

This year we enjoyed a romantic dinner at PF Changs the day after Valentine's Day which rocked our socks because now that we are older and wiser, we have realized that going to a restaurant on the day after Valentine's Day is heaven. While we were sitting in PF's enjoying our lettuce wraps we started talking about the past five Valentine's Days and tried to remember what we did for each. When we got to our first Valentine's Day celebration in 2005 we remembered (not really... we looked it up on our Blackberrys) that Valentine's Day 2005 was on a Monday. I remembered that had three back to back classes on Mondays that semester and then a dreaded 8:00am Geology class on Tuesday morning. We remembered how young sweet Nick and I grabbed some on campus food for dinner and then later that evening he came by my dorm room to give me a card (which I still have). And then we remembered together the defining relationship events of that day and had a long hard laugh.

Story #1:
Nick came over to bring me my card and I remember being so flattered because this was my first real Valentine's Day card from a boyfriend. We chatted and watched some TV and then I am sure I said something facetious (as I typically do) and he started tickling me. I kind of hate being tickled because when I really laugh hard I make a super ugly face and I can't get the words out to scream "STOP!" Just as I was mid tickle and trying to catch a breath to scream for him to stop a little "PFFFFFFFT" erupted from my rear and we both stopped on a dime as if someone with a remote control hit pause on our moment. My mind started racing and went on emergency control. Did he hear that?! Should I act like it didn't happen?! I felt the fire in my face get hotter and hotter. Never in my life had a significant other heard me be a little Toots Magee! Finally the silence was broken and he spoke. I thought it could go one of two ways... he could ignore the situation, or laugh with the elephant who just entered into my dorm room and sat on our tickling session.

Unfortunately, he chose the latter.

Nick: DID YOU JUST.....


Nick (trying to subside his giggling) I am not going to LEAVE! Calm down it was just a f........"


I ended up finding the courage somewhere to laugh it off. I truly was mortified, but it definitely made a memorable Valentine's Day. That was the day back in 2005 that Nick discovered that I was human.

Story #2:
Nick did come to my room on Valentine's day to give me a sweet card for the sappy holiday. And yes, I did probably say something facetious that prompted an all out tickling punishment that I had to endure. While Nick was tickling me, somehow my own knee accidentally had a run in with my own nose all Kung Foo style and I knew I was doomed. My nose is super sensitive and I can get a bloody nose even at the slightest of run ins. I felt the blood start running down my chin but the tickling was too intense for me to catch my breath to say "OH EM GEE NICK I AM BLEEDING FROM MY FACE, YO!" Instead I finally was able to find the words to say "I'm bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeding" For a moment I remember Nick saying "Are you serious" at which point I turned my head to face him and apparently resembled someone from a horror movie. I distinctly remember the horrified look on his face when as he helped me get up and make my way to the sink where I began to spit blood into the bowl (too graphic?! sorry, folks).

It was no big deal at all, honestly. It didn't hurt in the least bit and once I was able to pinch my nose and clean my face, Valentine's Day was back in action again. Nick felt awful but I told him it was an accident and I was fine. Unfortunately for us, my roommate happened to walk in during the aftermath as I was sitting at my desk with my head back and a bloody paper towel over my face. We had a lotsa explainin to do! Nonetheless, we both had a laugh out of the situation and I have a fun time reminding Nick, "Hey! Remember that time you gave me a bloody nose on Valentine's Day!"

Highlight the text after the star to reveal which story is true * The true story is story number two. I was so immature back then and I think if I would have broke wind in front of Nick only a few months into our relationship ON Valentine's Day, I would still be hiding in my dorm room out of embarrassment. Lucky for me (I guess it's lucky?) the bloody nose was my fate that Valentine's Day. It was my own knee though, and since then Nick has never threatened to tickle me again!

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