Sunday, February 27, 2011

On Living With a Closet Comedian

Pre Story:
I am a lucky girl and happen to live with a 24 hour comedian. My fiance is a generally quiet guy. He is a computer engineer and incredibly smart. He keeps to himself, keeps his opinions to himself, and is unbelievably easy going. All of the aforementioned attributes occur to everyone in the entire world... except for me. When he is around me, he is opinionated and hilarious. Just a taste of what I am talking about, here are three things that he has said/done just in the past 24 hours.

Story #1:
- When asked if he would rather make-out with Katy Perry, Beyonce, or me, he answered, "Um. This is a trick question. But if I had to answer it would be you of course. But then I would probably make out with both Katy Perry and Beyonce if I had your permission. Because, I could use the street cred."
For the record. I would never give Nick permission to make-out with Katy Perry. Beyonce is another story cause after they made out I would make Beyonce to do the dance to "Single Ladies" with me as her payback for allowing her to make-out with the hottest guy in the world.

- When asked which shade of gold ribbon we should use on our wedding programs while Nick was watching the Virginia Tech/Duke basketball game, he turned to me and said, "I would rather give Susan Boyle a naked back rub right now than talk about ribbons."

- Right now. At this VERY moment. He is building a tower out of the clothes pins that I bought at CVS today as he waits for me to finish this blog. I am actually considering knocking it down as soon as I finish because it's incredibly tempting, and I think I am a bit evil.

Story #2:
- When I asked him for a genre of music that he wanted me to turn on while we cooked breakfast he answered, "I don't know, preferably something with Jaden Smith rapping."
For those of you who don't know, Jaden Smith is Will Smith's 12 year old son who performed with Justin Bieber during the Grammy's this year. So naturally I YouTubed that very performance so we would both be happy.

While we were looking through a large gallery of wedding cakes online, I asked him if he liked a particular cake and he answered, "No. That one looks like Kate Gosselin's hair exploded on the top."

- Right now. At this VERY moment. He is lying on the ground next to me doing an ab workout in his pajamas while he waits for me to finish this blog.

Highlight the text after the star to reveal which story is true * The true story is story number two. It is true that he enjoys Jaden Smith and compared a potential wedding cake to momma Kate Gosselin's infamous hair-do. He also just finished an ab workout while I just ate 2 thin mint girl scout cookies. Can't wait to marry this stud.

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