Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On How My Husband Got a HUGE Gash on His Head

A few weeks ago my husband got a huge gash on his head. It was pretty... check it out:
The way he got the gash is... well... less than glamourous.

Story #1:
While I was out at a 7 hour yoga teacher training, dear dear husband hung the photos in the office that we had been meaning to hang for quite some time now. Because he was home alone while hanging these photos, he had no assistant to hold the ladder up while he hung them. As the tale goes, he allegedly was holding up the (very heavy) middle photo, while holding the hand drill, with a nail in his mouth, all while balancing on a crappy ladder/step stool that we have been meaning to replace. The ladder tilted forward, he lost his balance, the photo fell to the ground and his head made out with the wall and slid against it as he tried to catch the photo.
The scene of the crime.

Story #2
I had to learn the names of yoga poses in English and in Sanskrit for an upcoming quiz in my teacher training. Nick was helping me study my naming the Sanskrit pose and I would then act out the pose. He noticed that by studying that way, I was not learning the Sanskrit properly, so we switched places and he began doing the poses and I would say the Sanskrit word. Now he wouldn't actually DOOOO the poses. He would just kind of half do them so I could just recognize the pose he was trying to do. Well, he attempted to REALLY do pincha mayurasana which is supposed to look like this:

I wasn't even learning this pose yet, but he saw it was on the same page as the study sheet and he went for it, and it did not end well. Hence, the rug burn on the head.

Highlight the text after the start to reveal which story is true * The true story is story #2. Yes, it is true that Nick got owned by a yoga pose; a very difficult pose however. He has not done an ounce of yoga since our study session which is good for both his head and my sanity. Even though this post may embarrass my dear husband, in both stories he was being a totally amazing spouse and I am super lucky to be married to such a non yogi guy. I think two yogis living under the same roof may be a bit much. And yes, he did hang those photos so beautifully in story #1 while I was out one day (without falling!).

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  1. What a fantastic husband! I do love the description: "his head made out with the wall." Although, I'm glad his head really didn't.