Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lazy Gym Bum

Story #1

My company pays for our gym membership to this sweet celebrity type gym right next to our office (I am lucky.) There is a waterfall in the entrance. A WATERFALL. They pay for the membership each month if you go to the gym eight times a month. Gymming twice a week is not so bad, right? Actually you will no believe how at the end of each month I have to go to the gym 7 days in a row just to make my gym quota. Procrastinate now folks, and go to the gym later I say. It is nearing the end of the month and of course I have three more gym check ins that I have to make until Monday to get to my eight.

I went into the gym today and got on the elliptical which has its own personal TV. Tough life. I get on the elliptical and browse through all of the channels... twice. I see nothing appealing on TV so I tried to watch a few different shows. I changed the channel after a minute on each show (which is very hazardous while trying to elliptical by the way) and decided to peace out and go home. Disappointing and pathetic, I know. However, no good TV = no elliptical for me. BUT, I at least will make my quota this month.

Story #2
I had to work late the other night and made a decision to not go to the gym. Embarrassing how easy of a decision that is for me to make when I can't even decide on which way is best to fold my socks (sock roll or fold over a tuck?) However, I needed to make my quota of going to the gym eight times this month. I had to go to the bathroom when it was finally ready to leave work and a lightbulb went off in my head! I will go to the gym, CHECK IN, go to the bathroom, and leave. I am a master at multitasking. I drove over to the gym (pathetic decision number 1. The gym is about 100 yards from my office). It was about 7:00pm which is prime gym going time apparently because there was NO parking. Well, no CLOSE parking. So I circle the parking lot three times and can find no close parking spots. (Pathetic decision number 2. I can't walk a little bit far to cheat out of going to the gym?) I finally followed a diligent gym member to his car and take his semi-close parking spot. I then walked into the gym, checked in, and used the bathroom. I am now one gym visit away from my quota of eight!

Highlight the text after the star to reveal which story is true *The true story is story number 2. I sadly admit that I circled the parking lot to park close as I cheat out of going to the gym. I am not proud... nor more fit.

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