Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On flying home

Story #1
My friend came to visit me and my fiance in California from the east coast. Yes, I am getting married. I am not lying about that. You will probably read about him a lot on here. Our friend told us that he was going to stay for 3 days. Does that mean Fri, Sat, Sun? Not count Fri because he was getting in late, so then Sat, Sun, Mon? Yeah, we didn't know either and didn't care to ask because either way we were not inconvenienced with driving him to and from the airport. He didn't send his itinerary in an email, but rather texted me his flight number and time of arrival the night before his flight. We enjoyed a great visit with perfect weather plus some first time surfing. My fiance and I went to work on Monday and our friend enjoyed his last day in sunny socal. While at work, I receive a text from my friend saying "Uh oh." Turns out went to print his boarding pass for his Monday night flight and was denied by the website because... his flight was on Sunday night! Ohhh boy. He had to get back to the east coast because he only had approval for one day of vacation from his job. We sped down to the airport and after some creative negotiating plus a very helpful customer service agent, our friend was on standby and then upgraded to a seat for a direct flight back to the east coast. Well done on a sour situation working out beautifully. The good news: he didn't have to miss work. The bad news: the 45 minute drive to the airport was extremely stressful. Moral of the story: send your friends your flight itinerary for a sanity check.

Story #2
My friend came to visit me and my fiance (yes, I am getting married. I promise I am not lying about that!) in California from the east coast. He sent me his flight itinerary which showed that after a weekend in CA that he would be flying a red eye back to the east coast on Monday night. When he arrived he said he was staying until Sunday night. I was confused for a minute but though, eh, I didn't really look at his flight itinerary too hard so I am sure he is right. So Sunday afternoon comes along and he goes to print his boarding pass before we headed to the airport and he goes "Uhhhhh guys." I say "YOU'RE FLYING OUT TOMORROW, AREN'T YOU!" and he says "yeah, when it said leave on Monday I thought I would also arrive on the east coast on Monday too. I didn't get the whole red eye thing." Luckily, he had taken Monday off to "recover" from flying over night on a plane. Good news: our friend got a bonus vacation day in CA. Bad news: he didn't get a day to recover from his flight like he had planned, so I believe he went to work with true red eyes. Moral of the story: Look closely at the itinerary especially when red eyes are involved.

Highlight the text after the star to reveal which story is true *The true story is number 2! An extra day with our friend wasn't the worst thing in the world.

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